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February 01 2018


#1day1second: January #2018
#moreorless #pinoyartista #1secondeveryday #supermoon #luna #beachplease #letsseehowlongicankeepthisup

January 30 2018

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#harleydavidson #bikergang #hellsangels #shotgun #biker #fotografia #pinoyartista #eastmeetswest

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#construction #workers #constructionworker #hardhat #seemslegit #fotografia #pinoyartista #westmeetseast

January 26 2018

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#eastmeetswest #surf #surfergirl #beachplease #streetphotography #lifeguard #pinoyartista


will (director’s cut) from Eusong Lee on Vimeo.

thank you for everyone who helped me making this film

Eusong Lee (director)
Visual Development, Story, Animation

Julian Kleiss (composer & musician)
FREE DOWNLOAD of the film music on

Dario Barrera(Voice)

Paul Fraser (Sound Designer)

Tomio Ueda (co-arrangement & mixing)

OPEN SHOW (2012)
San Diego Asian Film Festival 2012
TAAFI 2012


Handstand from Eusong Lee on Vimeo.


Made by Eusong Lee
Music - VH055 play the game

Everything you wish and work hard for,
I hope it all come true this year!

PS - It’s kind of embarrassingly serious.
Also, I’m sorry about the bad voice audio.

October 12 2017

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#parapluie #brolly #umbrella #parasol #bumbershoot #gamp #paraguayo #paraguas #vintagearbitrage See more on site link in bio)

September 21 2017


September 18 2017

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#pinoyartista on #sabbatical
You may follow my @Facebook page, @youtube channel or blog where I’ll still be posting occasionally in the meantime
#takingabreak #unplugging #seeyousoon #decompressing #presspause #thereisnocomfortzone

August 09 2017

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Frederico Mercury
See the full video at https://youtu.be/QH1Kjn3wq1M
#queen #queenforever #freddymercury (at Prado Negro)

August 07 2017

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The sword Ice is not available, but prints of some of my #GameOfThrones artworks still are
#PinoyArtista #got7 #got #treatyourself #asongoficeandfire

July 09 2017

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Met Stacy from Manchester while #hitchhiking to Lanjaron. Her sign reads ‘I have cookies’ 🍪 After walking for around an hour a Granadino family gave us a ride. Gonzalo is a dog trainer (eleducadog.com), Sandra is a special ed teacher that’s their 3 year old, Adria, in the last picture #kindnessofstrangers (at Torviscón, Andalucia, Spain)

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While #hitchhiking to Lanjaron I met Stacy from Manchester. Her sign reads ‘I have cookies’ 🍪 After walking for an hour a family gave us a ride. Gonzalo is a dog trainer (eleducadog.com) and Sandra is a special ed teacher. That’s their 3.5year old son, Adria. #kindnessofstrangers (at Torviscón, Andalucia, Spain)

June 23 2017

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It’s surreal, celebrating Philippine independence from Spain in Spain. In Barcelona it’s always a week or so later, on a Sunday because that’s when they don’t have to go to work. Tens of thousands of Filipinos colonize a plaza, sing songs about the Philippines in spanish, sell sago, balut, lumpia, bico, etc. for €1 which Europeans eagerly sample, and men wearing black vests direct traffic at a pedestrian crossing 🇵🇭🇪🇸 (at Raval)

June 18 2017

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My old man ca. 1991 #fathersday

June 02 2017

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This is one of my earliest memories of my old man. In anticipation of Father’s Day, I’d like to hear your most memorable story about your father. Share it in the comments and I’ll choose one to illustrate

June 01 2017


HOPPTORNET (TEN METER TOWER) by Axel Danielson & Maximilien Van Aertryck from Plattform Produktion on Vimeo.

Would you jump? Or would you chicken out?

Our objective in making this film was something of a psychology experiment: We sought to capture people facing a difficult situation, to make a portrait of humans in doubt. We’ve all seen actors playing doubt in fiction films, but we have few true images of the feeling in documentaries. To make them, we decided to put people in a situation powerful enough not to need any classic narrative framework. A high dive seemed like the perfect scenario.

Through an online advertisement, we found 67 people who had never been on a 10-meter (about 33 feet) diving tower before, and had never jumped from that high. We paid each of them the equivalent of about $30 to participate — which meant climbing up to the diving board and walking to its edge. We were as interested in the people who decided to climb back down as the ones jumping.

We filmed it all with six cameras and several microphones. It was important for us not to conceal the fact that this was an arranged situation, and thus we chose to show the microphones within the frame. Ultimately, about 70 percent of those who climbed did jump. We noticed that the presence of the camera as well as the social pressure (from those awaiting their turn beside the pool) pushed some of the participants to jump, which made their behavior even more interesting.

In our films, which we often call studies, we want to portray human behavior, rather than tell our own stories about it. We hope the result is a series of meaningful references, in the form of moving images. “Ten Meter Tower” may take place in Sweden, but we think it elucidates something essentially human, that transcends culture and origins. Overcoming our most cautious impulses with bravery unites all humankind. It’s something that has shaped us through the ages.

Maximilien Van Aertryck and Axel Danielson are documentary filmmakers based in Gothenburg, Sweden, who have worked together since 2013.


May 09 2017

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May 04 2017

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Lord Vader prints available for just this month on @etsy (link in bio) #maythe4thbewithyou #starwarsday

April 21 2017



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